Sussex Ouse


Goldbridge, Newick downstream to the Anchor Inn Barcombe
This stretch of the Sussex Ouse extends for about 3 miles and has many features, ranging from weirpools through to shallow gravel beds opening to deeper pools and then on to slow moving deep glides.
Vehicle access points to the river are limited, so travelling light is the key to success. A light trotting rod or quiver tip, landing net and shoulder-bag is all you need. Maggot, bread or worm will all prove successful – but keep moving – the wily angler will soon find where the hot-spots are!
As with most rivers, conditions can be unpredictable, from low water levels and streamer weed in the Summer to floods in the Winter. However, if you get to know the river and get it right, you can have a fantastic day!
There are some big fish in the river. Barbel to 12lbs+, Carp to 20lbs+, Pike to 20lbs+, Chub to 5lbs+, Perch to 3lbs+.

Access to the river at Goldbridge is via the A272 heading east from Haywards Heath towards Newick. As you go through Newick, after about a mile you come to Goldbridge over the River Ouse. Parking is in the two laybys immediately after you cross the river. Copthorne & District Angling Society control the fishing rights on the right-hand bank downstream from Goldbridge.

Access to the river at Sharpsbridge. From Goldbridge, continue east on the A272 to Piltdown. After the petrol station on the right turn right on to Shortbridge Road. After 300m at Piltdown Pond, turn right on to Sharpsbridge Lane. This is a narrow lane, wide enough for one car passing in places. After about a mile you will again cross the River Ouse at Sharpsbridge. After the sharp bend at 100m you will come to Sharpsbridge farm on the left. Parking is on the grass verge on the left just after the gate on the left. Access to the river is through this gate and a 500m walk across the fields to the river.

Vuggles Farm
Access to the Vuggles Farm stretch. From Sharpsbridge, continue south along Sharpsbridge Lane for about a mile until you join the Spithurst Road coming in from the right. Continue south on Spithust Road for about 300m and turn left on to the farm track marked “Vuggles Farm”. Drive along this track for about 300m and parking is on the grass verge to the left just before the farm. From here, walk through the farm through the gate and follow the hedge for about 500m down towards the river. This is a particularly deep stretch of river – up to 8ft in places.
Anchor Inn, Barcombe
Access to the Anchor Inn stretch. From Vuggles Farm, continue south along Spithurst Road for about a mile. As you approach Barcombe, look out for the sign on your left saying “Anchor Inn & Boating”. Turn left on to Boast Lane. This is a long, winding, narrow country lane with enough room for one vehicle passing in many places. Continue along this lane for about a mile until it becomes Anchor Lane. When you come to the old railway line level crossing, there is enough parking for 2/3 cars in the layby on the left just before the crossing. From here walk down towards the Anchor Inn. Access to the river is through the gate to the left of the pub upstream along the edge of the field. For access to the OAPS downstream stretch, walk across the farm bridge at the Anchor and fishing is the left hand bank downstream.

DO NOT PARK IN THE ANCHOR INN CAR PARKING AREA There is a new car park being constructed just down from the Anchor Inn with room for 6 Cars




  • Barbel
  • Bream
  • Brown Trout
  • Carp
  • Catfish
  • Chub
  • Common Carp
  • Dace
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Sea Trout
  • Signal Crayfish Pumpkinseed