Match Fixtures

Season 2024 / 25

Match Information & Rules


Pre-booking is required for all matches.  Please use the “Make  a booking” feature on your member page or contact Wayne below.

Wayne Hayes on 07712 865651 or

(Matches will be live to book from 1st June 2024)

Please note Ockley away Interclub  match we have 10 places and so must be booked

Booking online helps us manage each event in the most efficient manner.

24hr Carp Night Match Sat am to Sun am.  Any issues contact John Fox 07368 290447  

10 Midweek Matches & 10 Senior Citizens League  – Aggregated Weight

10 Challenge Cup Matches  – 10 points for a win down to 1 point for 10th place

  7 Midweek Winter League series – Aggregated Weight

7 Piltdown League matches – Aggregate Weight

Club matches with 12 or more anglers are pegged. Inter-club matches are also pegged. Otherwise there’s a walk-off. 

Anglers must take  3 keep nets, two for carp-and one for silver fish. Maximum 60 lbs per net. 

All Matches 1 rod only except 2 rods for the 24hr Carp Night Matches at Rowfant Mill. 

The Comp Sec may utilise other vacant swims on non-specified sections of lakes. Also the keepnets holding weights may be reduced by Comp Sec as necessary 

DayDateEventVenueDraw TimeMatch Timing
Wed05THMidweek 1 sweep stake+ Senior Citizens 1 Road/3rd/Stock Lakes8am9am-3pm
Sun9THMick Brackpool Memorial Mill West Bank8am9am-3pm
Wed19THMidweek 2 + Seniors 2Wilderness8am9am-3pm
Sat/Sun22/23/6/2424hr Carp Night Match - SpringMill East Bank9am10am-10am
Sun23RDDave Whitehouse MemorialWilderness8am9am-3pm
Wed3rdmidweek 3+ Seniors 3Mill West Bank8AM9AM-3PM
SUN7THCDAS V Haywards Heath Little Rowfant8.309.30-3.30PM
WED17TH Midweek 4 + Seniors 4 Road/3rd/stock pond8am9am-3pm
Sun28thCDAS V Crowbourgh Little Rowfant8.30am9.30am-3.30pm
Wed31stMidweek 5 Seniors 5Wilderness8am9am-3pm
Sun4thCDAS V Edenbridge Little Rowfant8.30am - 3.30pm9am-3pm
Wed14thMidweek sweepstake 6 Seniors League 6Road/3rd/Stock Lakes8am9am-3pm
Sun18thVallance MemorialMill West Bank8am9am-3pm
Wed28thSeniors 7 + Piltdown League 1 midweek 7Piltdown All In8am - 9am - 3pm
Sat31stCDAS V Priory Little Rowfant8.30am9.30 - 3.30pm
Wed04thCDAS V Haywards Heath Little Rowfant8:309:30am-3:30pm
Sun8thCDAS V Ockley Little Rowfant8.309.30am-3.30pm
Wed18thMidweek 8 + Senior Citizens 8Mill West Bank8am9am-3pm
Sun22ndChallenge Cup 1Road/3rd/Stock8am9am-3pm
Wed2ndMidweek 9 + Seniors 9Mill west bank8am9am-3pm
Sat/Sun5th/6th24hr Carp Night Match - AutumnMill East Bank9am10am-10am
Sun06thChallenge Cup 2Wilderness8am9am-3pm
SUN13THOckley away v CDASOckley only 10 anglers8am9.39 to 3.30
Wed16thMidweek 10 + Seniors 10Road/3rd/Stock8am9am-3pm
Sun20thChallenge Cup 3 piltdown league 2Piltdown All In8am9am-3pm
Wed30thmidweek winter league 1Wilderness9am10am-3pm
Sun3RDChallenge Cup 4Mill west bank9am10am-3pm
Wed13thPiltdown League 3Piltdown All In9am10am-3pm
Sun17thChallenge Cup 5Road/Stock Pond9am10am-3pm
Wed27thWinter League 2Wilderness9am10am-3pm
Sun1stPiltdown League 4Piltdown All In9am10am-3pm
Wed04thWinter League 3 Road and Top lakes9am10am-3pm
Sun15thChristmas TrophyLittle Rowfant9am10am-3pm
Wed18thMidweek Winter L 4Wilderness 9am10am-3pm
Sun05thChallenge Cup 6Road/3rd/Stock Lakes9am10am-3pm
wed08thPiltdown League 5Piltdown All In9am10am-3pm
Sun19thChallenge Cup 7Wilderness9am10am-3pm
Wed22ndMidweek Winter L 5Wilderness9am10am-3pm
Sun02ndChallenge Cup 8Road/3rd/Stock pond9am10am-3pm
Wed05thMidweek Winter L 6mill west bank9am10am-3pm
Sun16thPiltdown League 6Piltdown9am10am-3pm
Wed19thWinter League 7Road and Top lakes9am10am-3pm
Sat/Sun1st & 2nd24hr Carp Night Match - WinterMill East Bank9am10am-10am
Sun2ndChallenge Cup 9Road and Top Lakes9am10am-3pm
Wed5thPiltdown League 7Piltdown 9am10am-3pm
Sun16thChallenge Cup 10Rowfant Mill west bank9am10am-3pm
wed19thEnd of season Wednesday matchesLittle Rowfant lakes8am9am- 3pm
Sunday23rdEnd of season Sunday matchesLittle Rowfant lakes8am 9am- 3pm