2020/2021 Fixtures

In the event of potential adverse weather conditions or any other issues related to Society competitions, please contact Alan Eggleton, Competition Secretary on either 01737 764731 or 07704 039447.

Match Archive

Results for the 2020/2021 season will be posted here as they arrive. Please follow the link above for an archive of old matches.

July 5th CDAS vs Crowborough @ Little Rowfant

Totals: CDAS 79lb 12oz / Crowborough 143lb 14oz

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes (CDAS) 33lb 12oz 20
2nd Roger Harris (Crwb) 32lb 7oz 11
3rd Andyr (Crwb) 26lb 12oz 23
  • Sect 1: Les Eggleton 13lb 14oz
  • Sect 2: Peter Cook 23lb 4oz
  • Sect 3: Ben 26lb 8oz

July 1st @ Rowfant Mill

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes 14lb 6
2nd Peter Benge 12lb 8oz 12
3rd Ray Preston 5lb 9oz 10

June 28th @ Wilderness

Position Weight Swim
1st Peter Benge 70lb 12oz 24
2nd Les Eggleton 43lb 11oz 16
3rd John Hayes 39lb 8oz 11

June 17th Sweepstake & Senior Citizens 2 @ Wilderness

Position Weight Swim
1st John Brice 60lb 12oz 17
2nd Roy Hurley 58lb 6
3rd Les Eggleton 48lb 2oz 21
  • Sect 1: Jed White 34lb
  • Sect 2: Peter Benge 42lb 4oz
  • Sect 3: Colin Ryall 37lb

June 14th Mick Blackpool Memorial @ Rowfant Mill

Position Weight Swim
1st Ian Lindsay 25lb 8oz 18
2nd Kevin Baptise 18lb 12oz 7
3rd Jed White 15lb 8oz 11
  • Sect 1: Paul Whitfield 7lb 11oz
  • Sect 2: Peter Benge 9lb 14oz

June 3rd Sweepstake & Senior Citizens 1 @ Little Rowfant

Position Weight Swim
1st Paul Whitfield 78lb 8oz 24
2nd Les Eggleton 71lb 8oz 6b
3rd Colin Ryall 43lb 8oz 11
4th Ray Preston 42lb 8oz 6
5th Roy Hurley 12lb 8oz 35