2019 / 2020 Match Results

Overall Challenge Cup Results

Well done to John, this being the last match this year, many thanks to all who have helped me over the season. A big thanks to Les and Wayne much appreciated. Our next scheduled match is May 17th on Wilderness lake. Please check if match will take place due to virus and government guidelines. All the best, keep well, keep safe.

Regards, Alan (match sec)

1st John Hayes 71 points
2nd Les Eggleton 66 points
3rd Wayne Hayes 62 points
4th Alan Eggleton 61 points

March 22nd Challenge Cup 12 @ Little Rowfant

Position Weight Swim
1st Les Eggleton 47lb 12oz 12
2nd Wayne Hayes 39lb 1oz 6a
3rd John Hayes 21lb 8oz 24
4th Peter Cook 15lb 15oz 3

March 8th Challenge Cup 11 @ Rowfant Mill

A Perch weighing  2lb 12oz inc in Ian’s weight.

Position Weight Swim
1st Jed White 7lb 4oz 8
2nd Wayne Hayes 6lb 13oz 4
3rd Ian Lindsay 5lb 10oz 12

February 23rd Challenge Cup 10 @ Road and Top Lakes

Position Weight Swim
1st Alan Eggleton 35lb 4oz 41
2nd John Brice 26lb 38
3rd Wayne Hayes 21lb 8oz 56

February 9th and 16th

Both matches cancelled due to storms Ciara and Dennis

January 26th Challenge Cup 8 @ Rowfant Mill

Winning weight was 39lb 4oz from swim 4.

Apart from one small perch no other fish were caught. Locating fish is the answer and you should have a good day.

January 12th Challenge Cup 7 @ Road and Top Lakes

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes 40lb 5
2nd Colin Wood 26lb 4oz 45
3rd Mike Green 13lb 12oz 55
4th Wayne Hayes 9lb 14oz 38

December 15th Christmas Trophy @ Wilderness

Position Weight Swim
1st Rob Draisy 80lb 3
2nd Les Eggleton 46lb 12
3rd John Hayes 13lb 14oz 6

October 20th Challenge Cup 3 @ Rowfant Mill

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes 21lb 4oz 2
2nd Jed White 12lb 8
3rd Paul Capper 9lb 6oz 6

September 8th Challenge Cup 1 @ Wilderness

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hewitt 33lb 0
2nd Ian Lindsey 29lb 11oz 12
3rd Colin Ryall 28lb 14oz 11
4th Les Eggleton 26lb 4oz 1

August 25th Vallance Memorial @ Rowfant Mill

11 attendees

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes 17lb 18
2nd Paul Whitfield 16lb 7oz 6
3rd Colin Ryall 16lb 1oz 16
4th Alan Sheppard 15lb 10oz 3

July 14th CDAS vs Haywards Heath @ Little Rowfant

14 attendees, totals: CDAS 185lb / Haywards Heath 141lb 7oz

Position Weight Swim
1st John Larouche (H.H) 67lb 6oz N/A
2nd Roy Hurley (CDAS) 67lb 4oz N/A
3rd Dell Walker (CDAS) 34lb 4oz N/A
4th D Humphrey (H.H) 30lb N/A

July 10th Sweepstake + Senior Citizen 3 @ Rowfant Mill

5 attendees.

Position Weight Swim
1st Colin Ryall 15lb 12oz 14
2nd Alan Eggleton 15lb 2oz 6

July 7th CDAS vs Crowborough @ Little Rowfant

13 attendees, totals: CDAS 98lb 8oz / Crowborough 117lb 4oz

Position Weight Swim
1st Peter Cook (Crowborough) 42lb 4oz 21
2nd Roy Hurley (CDAS) 32lb 9oz 16
3rd Paul Whitfield (CDAS) 25lb 11oz 14

June 26th Sweepstake + Senior Citizen 2 @ Little Rowfant

18 attendees.

Position Weight Swim
1st John Gibbon 43lb 21
2nd Colin Ryall 35lb 12oz 52
3rd Les Eggleton 34lb 10oz 3
4th Trevor Simmons 30lb 7
4th Mike Green 29lb 2oz 41

June 16th Mick Brackpool Memorial @ Rowfant Mill

Position Weight Swim
1st Wayne Hayes 19lb 9oz 11
2nd Alan Eggleton 19lb 7oz 14
3rd Roy Hurley 11lb 8oz 17
3rd Paul Capper 11lb 8oz 18

June 12th Sweepstake + S/C 1 @ Wilderness

Position Weight Swim
1st John Hayes 50lb 9oz 6
2nd Ron Newton 49lb 10oz 1
3rd Alan Eggleton 28lb 6oz 3
4th Roy Hurley 22lb 1oz 11

June 2nd Sweepstake @ Wilderness

9 attendees.

Position Weight Swim
1st Paul Whitfield 57lb 12oz 16
2nd Roy Hurley 34lb 6oz 11
3rd Ron Newton 29lb 10oz 21
4th Dell Walker 18lb 10oz 4