Fishing to Resume

Following the announcement from the Government on Sunday evening and in consultation with the Angling Trust I am delighted to announce that we will be opening Piltdown Pond on Wednesday 13th May and Little Rowfant Lakes & Rowfant Mill Pond on Monday 18th May – the delayed opening of our lakes at Rowfant being to allow some scheduled maintenance works to be completed. The River Ouse remains subject to the usual close season, i.e. will not be open until the 16th June.

You can only go fishing if you have a valid rod licence and you adhere to the Government guidelines on staying safe and alert. More information about what this means can be found here htps//

Please use the Angling Trust website for ongoing guidance, but if the club has to change its guidance significantly we will update members by way of placing information on the Society’s web-site and / or placing notices at our waters. Please ensure that when you go fishing you fully adhere to these guidelines, including social distancing and our usual club rules at all times. In relation to access gates & padlocks you are encouraged to wear protective gloves and / or clean hands thoroughly by way of taking hand sanitiser with you.

For the time being there will be no competition fishing on any of the Society’s waters.

We would encourage all members to complete & send in completed applications for season 2020 / 21 which commences on the 1st June – this year please note that C&DAS members are required to also send in a passport sized photograph along with the completed application form, cheque & SAE.

Paul Whitfield

General Secretary

Dave Whitehouse

It is with great sadness that I write to advise Members of the recent death of our long-standing Member & Official of the Society, Dave Whitehouse. Dave had been fighting illness for the past few years, and passed away peacefully a few days ago. He was a Member of more than 40+ years standing, and been an Official of the Society for much of this time, including 20 years as General Secretary. His contribution to the success & development of the Society was significant, and he will be much missed both at our regular Committee meetings and on the waters for his wise and considered views. Dave’s funeral service is to be held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday 12th March at the Sussex & Surrey Crematorium off the Balcombe Road, Crawley. His daughters, Lorna & Victoria, have provided an open invite to Members & friends to attend the service to celebrate his life.

Additionally, Lorna & Victoria have donated Dave’s considerable collection of fishing tackle to the Society with a view to raising funds for an organisation that Dave felt so passionately about. Your Committee have decided to bring a number of items to the AGM scheduled for Thursday 2nd April with a view to auctioning them, with all proceeds to go to the Society. As a mark of respect to Dave, and to provide a lasting memorial to his contribution to the Society, we plan to install an engraved bench on the bottom bank of the Wilderness Lake at Little Rowfant – this being an area that Dave regularly fished both in pleasure sessions & in our walk-off matches.

Paul Whitfield

General Secretary

Jim Smith

It is with great sadness that I report that Jim Smith has recently passed away. Those members who fished on the River Ouse over the past 50 years will no doubt recall Jim who was such a character & had such a passion for the river & the local area. The OAPS web-site – please see link below, has a lovely piece written to reflect Jim’s contribution to the OAPS & the catchment area.

Cormorant Sightings

Can all members please note that with immediate effect the Committee will be monitoring cormorant sightings on our lakes at Little Rowfant. Recognising it is not possible to have Society Officials on the waters 24 hours per day, we are asking members to advise the Committee of all cormorant sightings at Little Rowfant Lakes by way of a simple e-mail to the C&DAS e-mail address to include the following information;

Date :

Time :

Numbers of cormorants :

60lb weight limit for all keep-nets

With immediate effect, can all Members please note that your Committee is introducing a 60lbs weight limit for all keep-nets. This applies equally in competitions, but also those pleasure anglers who wish to utilise a keep-net during a session. Your Committee have taken this step in response to the greatly improved fishing being experienced at Little Rowfant Lakes recently, where the works have been completed to open up new swims, & some additional selective stocking has taken place.

For those attending competitions, we strongly suggest three nets be in the possession of each competitor – it is of course already a requirement to segregate carp & silvers. We have seen match weights increasing in excess of 100lbs, & your Committee is concerned as to fish welfare & maintaining the excellent fishing on this prolific water. Your Committee will be looking to implement a rule change at the April 2020 AGM to see the above introduced formally.

Little Rowfant Lakes – New Swims

I am delighted to advise Members that the works at Little Rowfant Lakes adjacent to the car park & Peg No.6 channel have now been completed to the point where they are open to be fished. Some further works will be undertaken, including the planting of a new hedge to run down the right-hand side of the car park, some selective planting opposite the car park to enhance the appearance of the bank, along with some further general tidying. Members are asked to avoid walking on areas other than the new swims & paths constructed. Grass seed has been spread on all areas, & needs to take root. Please also avoid damaging any of the new reeds & lilies planted along the edges & in the margins.

On behalf of the Members I wish to place on record our thanks to Les Eggleton for his commitment & efforts in bringing this major project to completion.

General Update – June 2019

Members will have noted the continued works being undertaken across the Society’s waters, with especially those at Little Rowfant Lakes. As part of this on-going improvement, members will note that we have installed security cameras to hopefully reduce the instances of thefts & generally improve security at these lakes & our other waters where cameras and signage are in course of being installed. We have also installed a new gate to access the Road Lake, Top Lake & Stock Pond. This is located on the site of the former swing gate adjacent to the corner of the Road Lake nearest to the car park entrance. Please note that the large gates will now be padlocked, with no access to members. These large gates are for the sole purpose of plant & machinery accessing the site as and when required.

We have / are in course of installing new covers for the overflows at Little Rowfant Lakes – this to prevent instances of wildlife falling into and becoming trapped in the bottom of the over flows. Members are requested not to remove these covers.

The pathway along the near-side of Rowfant Mill Pond past the house is also shortly to be repaired & improved. It had been noted that the pathway had seriously eroded in recent years. New shuttering & in-fill will be installed to improve the pathway shortly.

Guest Permits

Please note that further to news item dated 25th May 2017, members are now able to obtain Guest Permits directly from Alan Eggleton, Membership Secretary, in addition to from The Carp Shop, Horley.

Thefts & Rubbish

It is with disappointment that I write this notice for the attention of all Members. We have seen a number of thefts from the lakes in recent weeks, most notably at Little Rowfant Lakes, where wood, rubber mats and slabs which were either purchased by the Society or kindly donated by Members have been stolen. In the past we have seen ladders & various other items stolen, but the recent thefts are of particular concern as they will hinder our planned works at Little Rowfant Lakes. We believe they can only have been undertaken by people who could drive a van / truck into the car park, i.e. they know the padlock number. This suggests the perpetrator(s) are Members which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

It also with regret that we are seeing an increase in the amounts of rubbish left on our waters. This requires regular collections by Officials & removal from the waters. Your Committee wishes to emphasise that all items brought onto the Society’s waters should be removed / taken home. Please do not dispense with your rubbish by throwing it into the surrounding trees & bushes. Of especial concern is one Member who seems to think it appropriate to defecate & leave the waste & toilet paper in open view.

The above actions are all completely unacceptable behaviour, & if the Members concerned are identified they will referred to the Committee with the likelihood of memberships being terminated.

Paul Whitfield

General Secretary

Firewood / Logs

With works on-going to prepare Little Rowfant lakes for the phase 2 works in late spring / early summer, we have & will continue to be removing certain trees to allow access for a long-reach excavator. Members who can make use of these logs are free to take as many as they require. This will save time & effort in having to burn them on-site