Piltdown Algae Bloom

Copthorne & District Angling Society


There is presently a high level of blue/green algae in Piltdown Pond. This can be toxic, so contact with the water should be avoided. Dog owners should not allow their dogs to swim in or drink the water, this can be fatal for animals. The society will keep the situation under review and liaise with the Environment Agency as appropriate.

Roy Hurley

Chairman CDAS

07540 350334

Work Party – 9 am Monday 20th June at Rowfant Mill Pond

A work party is being held on the above day at Rowfant Mill Pond with a view to clearing the trees which have recently fallen into the lake & on the surrounding banks. Your Committee are asking any members who can spare the morning to attend so that hopefully we can clear all the offending trees in one work party. Additionally, a number of the swims & pathways need to be cleared to improve access, so any members with strimmers or loppers who could spend some time doing this work would be much appreciated.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

Dogs on Society Waters & our Boat

Reports have been received by the Committee in relation to recent situations at Little Rowfant Lakes which sadly require me to issue this notice.

The Society do not have any specific rules as to members bringing dogs on to the waters to accompany them. Dogs are not therefore banned from the Society’s waters, but we do ask that they are kept under control at all times, do not interfere with other members or our adjoining neighbours and do not leave any mess. A reported incident at Little Rowfant Lakes has seen a member’s dog allowed to roam freely and also encroached upon our neighbours land / chased animals. This is totally unacceptable and endangers the excellent and supportive relationship we have with our neighbouring landowners. If any further such incidents are reported, we will have no option but to impose a ban on all dogs being allowed on our waters.

We have also had a report of the boat, currently at Little Rowfant Lakes being launched by a member on the Road Lake & then moved on to the Third Lake to be used by two children accompanying the member whilst he fished. This is completely unacceptable and dangerous. The newly excavated Third Lake is some 7 feet deep, and allowing young children to play in the boat could have resulted in a disastrous outcome. We have now chained the boat up, with only a small number of keyholders being able to unlock it.

I do not like having to issue such notices, but the above incidents leave me little option as they fall completely outside of the behaviour expected of our members. If any further such or similar incidents are reported and the members are identified the Committee will have no option other than to withdraw membership.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

Third Lake at Little Rowfant – Open for fishing on 1st June 2022

Your Committee is pleased to advise that the refurbished Third Lake will be open for fishing with effect from the 1st June 2022.

Please note that whilst the Third Lake has received some stocking, further fish are planned to be stocked next winter. As previously advised to Members, the Third Lake will be slightly different to the other lakes at Little Rowfant in that no carp have been or are planned to be stocked in this lake. It will primarily be a ‘silvers’ fishery, with bream, crucians, tench along with roach, rudd, perch & gudgeon. Your Committee will gauge over the coming months how the lake is fishing & the stocking made to date thrives before considering further stockings. Members are politely requested to temper their tackle, i.e. hooks & line strength to the fish stock in this lake – we do not currently have any fish in excess of 2lbs in weight within the lake.

All members are please requested to keep to the paths & swims – we are trying to get the grass & plants to establish. No access is permitted across the dam between the Third Lake and Road Lake. Members will also note the protective netting of the iris plants in the margins which surround the lake. Please do not fish tight to the netting, & do not move the netting which is to provide some degree of protection for the marginal plants whilst they establish themselves.

For the time being, no keepnets are allowed and no matches will be scheduled for the Third Lake.

Additionally, the Stock Pond is open for fishing by Members with immediate effect. Some test fishing of this pond suggests a good head of carp, bream & tench is present, along with roach, perch, gudgeon & rudd. Again, your Committee request that all Members keep to the paths & swims when walking up to the Stock Pond, and please do not walk around this pond – keep to the 5 swims along the front bank.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

Match Update 19th Sep

Match on Sunday 19th September 2021 – CDAS v Ockley at Little Rowfant Lakes

Please note that in view of the expected total number of anglers attending the above competition it has been necessary to also close the Road Lake for the day. The match calendar only stipulates that the Wilderness is closed for the day, but for the above reason the entire fishery is closed for this competition.

Little Rowfant Lakes – Update

Please note that with immediate effect and until further notice, members are requested not to walk up to the Third Lake or Stock Pond. This is to allow the ground to settle post completion of the main excavation of the Third Lake. Additionally, the right-hand side of the Road Lake past the first two swims is also closed to members. This is due to some de-silting undertaken adjacent to the bank on this lake whilst we had the excavator on site, with the silt spread on the bank making it unsuitable to walk on at present.

Dog stolen at Rowfant

Please note that a black spaniel type dog belonging to Nick Penn, the local farmer, was stolen this week. Nick and his family have placed some notices adjacent to his farm. If any of our members saw any suspicious activity in recent days at Little Rowfant, please contact via this web-site and I will pass on to Nick.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

COVID-19 Update

The Angling Trust has published new Government guidelines on angling with effect from 29 March 2021. In summary:

  • Angling continues to be permitted subject to the present social distancing measures.
  • Night fishing is now permitted on all Society waters except Little Rowfant.
  • The “Rule of Six” applies to gatherings outdoors – except for official organised outdoor sports – including angling.
  • Official Matches shown on the Society Official Fixture List may therefore be resumed, subject to social distancing and sanitation protocols.
  • Note: The present close season for the rivers remains in force between 15 March and 15 June inclusive.