Little Rowfant Lakes – Closure Saturday 2nd March to Tuesday 5th March

Please note that the above fishery will be closed to all members for the above four days period. This is being done to allow for the next phase of improvement works at the fishery, which will involve heavy machinery movements on-site throughout the duration of the four days. These works will see the final preparedness of the lakes for the planned long-reach excavator to come on-site in early May, which will see the channels adjacent to pegs 1 – 23 and also peg 6 fully cleared, widened & deepened.


Firewood / Logs

With works on-going to prepare Little Rowfant lakes for the phase 2 works in late spring / early summer, we have & will continue to be removing certain trees to allow access for a long-reach excavator. Members who can make use of these logs are free to take as many as they require. This will save time & effort in having to burn them on-site


Following on from the previous improvements undertaken at Little Rowfant lakes, your Committee have scheduled the next phase of works to commence Saturday 22nd September and run for approximately 9 days ending Sunday 30th September . These works will see the channel which runs alongside the length of the car park at Little Rowfant excavated down to a line from peg 1 across to peg 23, including tree removal, bank construction & clearance of silt. The works will be undertaken with the use of heavy plant & machinery operating. This will see a requirement to close the lakes on selected days, as the car park would be too dangerous to (a) leave cars parked due to plant & machinery movements, & (b) for members to be on foot in the area. A notice will be posted on the car park gate each day with full details of any closure(s), with an element of flexibility being required dependent upon the daily progress of the works. Whilst the closure of the water is not ideal, your Committee have taken the decision to allow the lakes to be closed for health & safety reasons, & to allow the works to be completed in the shortest timeframe.

Additionally, the competition scheduled for Sunday 23rd September has been cancelled in view of the planned works.

Little Rowfant Lakes

Please note that between 21st & 23rd April major remedial & maintenance works are planned for Little Rowfant Lakes. On Saturday 21st April the car park & all lakes will be closed as we will be repairing the car park, with machinery working all day. On Sunday 22nd April & Monday 23rd April the Road Lakes, Third Lake & Stock Pond will be closed for fishing as major works will be undertaken on these lakes & the surrounds. The car park & Wilderness Lake will be open on the 22nd & 23rd April.

Quiver Tips Found

A few days ago a tube of 3 quiver tips was found at Little Rowfant adjacent to Peg No.19 on the Wilderness Lake. If they are yours, please respond via the Society’s web-site & we can arrange for them to be returned.

Little Rowfant – Works

***Update 29th December 2017***

Whilst some initial remedial works have been scheduled to install new gates, repair the car park & create hard pathways around both the new clay banks on the Wilderness & Road Lakes, due to the recent heavy rainfall, which is expected to continue for the next few days, it has not been possible to undertake any meaningful works as yet. Members are requested to avoid walking across the new clay banks on both lakes, meaning access to swims will require walking around the lakes, e.g. accessing pegs 18 – 23 on the Wilderness and 46 – 49 on the Road Lake.

With regards to the wooden bridge leading from the bottom of the car park and adjacent to the top of peg No.6, the surface of the bridge is especially slippery. We are in course of sourcing some non-slip surfacing to apply to the wooden bridge, but until this has been obtained & installed Members are requested to take care when crossing the bridge to avoid accidents.

Many thanks & have a good New Year

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Little Rowfant Lakes – works undertaken on the two bridges

Members are advised that major remedial works have been undertaken on the two bridges at Little Rowfant – the bridge swim on the Road Lake & the bridge leading across to the right-hand side of the Wilderness Lake. Both bridges had become unsafe & were in need of significant repair. The Committee were able to secure permanent solutions to both bridges, & members will note the clay banks which have been constructed in replacement of both bridges. These will also allow access around the lakes for machinery to undertake further works as required without the need to gain access to neighbouring land. These works were undertaken on very cost advantageous terms with the contractor used, albeit we had little notice of commencement of the works, hence this retrospective notice. The Committee have not closed the lakes or the car park, but clearly the car park has been damaged by the heavy machinery used to complete the works. Remedial works will be undertaken shortly to fully repair the car park & other areas, but in the meantime members are advised to use the car park at Little Rowfant carefully & keep away from the softest areas.

These works are part of a wider schedule of works which are planned by the Committee to improve the fishery, one of course we now own outright. A further update will be provided in the General Secretary’s newsletter which will accompany the circulation of the forthcoming AGM papers.

Guest Permits

Members are reminded that Guest permits must be purchased in advance of fishing at a cost of £10 per Guest Permit per day. Guest Permits can be purchased from The Carp Shop, Horley Row, Horley, Surrey.