Third Lake at Little Rowfant – Open for fishing on 1st June 2022

Your Committee is pleased to advise that the refurbished Third Lake will be open for fishing with effect from the 1st June 2022.

Please note that whilst the Third Lake has received some stocking, further fish are planned to be stocked next winter. As previously advised to Members, the Third Lake will be slightly different to the other lakes at Little Rowfant in that no carp have been or are planned to be stocked in this lake. It will primarily be a ‘silvers’ fishery, with bream, crucians, tench along with roach, rudd, perch & gudgeon. Your Committee will gauge over the coming months how the lake is fishing & the stocking made to date thrives before considering further stockings. Members are politely requested to temper their tackle, i.e. hooks & line strength to the fish stock in this lake – we do not currently have any fish in excess of 2lbs in weight within the lake.

All members are please requested to keep to the paths & swims – we are trying to get the grass & plants to establish. No access is permitted across the dam between the Third Lake and Road Lake. Members will also note the protective netting of the iris plants in the margins which surround the lake. Please do not fish tight to the netting, & do not move the netting which is to provide some degree of protection for the marginal plants whilst they establish themselves.

For the time being, no keepnets are allowed and no matches will be scheduled for the Third Lake.

Additionally, the Stock Pond is open for fishing by Members with immediate effect. Some test fishing of this pond suggests a good head of carp, bream & tench is present, along with roach, perch, gudgeon & rudd. Again, your Committee request that all Members keep to the paths & swims when walking up to the Stock Pond, and please do not walk around this pond – keep to the 5 swims along the front bank.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

Match Update 19th Sep

Match on Sunday 19th September 2021 – CDAS v Ockley at Little Rowfant Lakes

Please note that in view of the expected total number of anglers attending the above competition it has been necessary to also close the Road Lake for the day. The match calendar only stipulates that the Wilderness is closed for the day, but for the above reason the entire fishery is closed for this competition.

Little Rowfant Lakes – Update

Please note that with immediate effect and until further notice, members are requested not to walk up to the Third Lake or Stock Pond. This is to allow the ground to settle post completion of the main excavation of the Third Lake. Additionally, the right-hand side of the Road Lake past the first two swims is also closed to members. This is due to some de-silting undertaken adjacent to the bank on this lake whilst we had the excavator on site, with the silt spread on the bank making it unsuitable to walk on at present.

Dog stolen at Rowfant

Please note that a black spaniel type dog belonging to Nick Penn, the local farmer, was stolen this week. Nick and his family have placed some notices adjacent to his farm. If any of our members saw any suspicious activity in recent days at Little Rowfant, please contact via this web-site and I will pass on to Nick.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary

COVID-19 Update

The Angling Trust has published new Government guidelines on angling with effect from 29 March 2021. In summary:

  • Angling continues to be permitted subject to the present social distancing measures.
  • Night fishing is now permitted on all Society waters except Little Rowfant.
  • The “Rule of Six” applies to gatherings outdoors – except for official organised outdoor sports – including angling.
  • Official Matches shown on the Society Official Fixture List may therefore be resumed, subject to social distancing and sanitation protocols.
  • Note: The present close season for the rivers remains in force between 15 March and 15 June inclusive.

Third Lake & Stock Pond Closed

All members please note that with immediate effect, the Third Lake & Stock Pond at Little Rowfant Lakes are both closed, with no access permitted to members. We are in course of a major improvement project on both of these lakes, and in the short-term after recent heavy plant & machinery workings the surrounding banks are currently not passable.

Rowfant Pike: 1936

Richard Hewitt, a long-standing C.D.A.S member, has kindly shared an image of his cased Pike caught from Rowfant in 1936. Presumably it’s from Rowfant Mill, but we can’t say for certain.

At a length of 36 inches, it is thought to weigh approximately 12 – 14lb, and was captured by someone known as, or with the initials: “J.E.T.S”. The name is a mystery, so if anyone happens to recognise it then please feel free to get in touch using the contact form. It would be interesting to learn more about this capture!

Recommencement of Competitions

In the light of the recent announcement by the Angling Trust, I am pleased to advise all members that with immediate effect competitions will be commencing on our waters in line with the 2020 – 21 match schedule. The first scheduled competition being held will be on Wednesday 3rd June at Little Rowfant lakes.

For all those intending to participate in competitions held on C&DAS waters, your Committee wish to bring to your attention the guidance by which competitions will be operated as detailed on the Angling Trust web-site. Specifically, and noting how C&DAS competitions are hosted under our normal rules, and after liaising with Alan Eggleton, Competition Secretary, as to where we need to adapt our approach, but still operating within the guidelines, I want to use this opportunity to highlight the following;

  • Recognising C&DAS do not require competitors to pre-book attendance, we will not be introducing this for the first match on Wednesday 3rd June. However, if the numbers of attendees exceeds expectations we reserve the right to implement a pre-booking system for future matches & whilst restrictions remain in place.
  • Social distancing to be practiced at all times by competitors, this includes in the car park prior to & after matches, with additionally no walking around during matches.
  • Pools can be paid for in cash, with this collected in by the Competition Secretary who will pay-out to the winners at the end of the match with the least amount of direct contact with the money.
  • The draw will be conducted by the Competition Secretary on the basis of all matches being pegged down in allocated swims. No walk-off matches to be held during the time restrictions remain in place.
  • All competitions will be one rod only until further notice.
  • Weigh-ins to be conducted by the Competition Secretary & a nominated person only to accompany him around the water at the end of the match to assist, but primarily in recording the weights on the weigh sheet.
  • We are currently endeavouring to purchase a plastic weigh bucket to use instead of the current net sling as this will be easier & assist in facilitating social distancing during the weigh-in.
  • Hand sanitiser is strongly recommended to be brought by all competitors & used in all appropriate situations.

The full co-operation of all competitors will be required to ensure that we are able to continue to host competitions in a safe & fully compliant manner. On the day of a competition the Competition Secretary (or his deputy in his absence) has full discretion when running all matches – this taking into account not only the Angling Trust guidelines prevailing, but also implementing the Society’s general rules & regulations.

Paul Whitfield

General Secretary

Competitions – Update re COVID-19 Procedures

Further to my recent news item / note in relation to competitions, we wish to formalise the booking-in procedure to make it easier on the day of future competitions to comply with the prevailing COVID-19 guidelines. With immediate effect the following will apply for those wishing to attend C&DAS competitions other than Night Competitions where current arrangements remain in place;

  • All members wishing to participate in competitions will need to book-in by contacting Alan Eggleton, Competition Secretary by latest 9:00 p.m. on the Friday evening before a Sunday competition, or the Monday evening before a Wednesday competition.
  • Members can contact Alan either by telephone on 01737 764731 or telephone / text on 07704 039447.
  • The draw for pegs will be undertaken as members arrive in the car park so as to reduce time spent waiting for the draw / members congregating together to preserve social distancing requirements.
  • All matches for the time being will remain peg down and one rod only.

Paul Whitfield

General Secretary