Dogs on Society Waters & our Boat

Reports have been received by the Committee in relation to recent situations at Little Rowfant Lakes which sadly require me to issue this notice.

The Society do not have any specific rules as to members bringing dogs on to the waters to accompany them. Dogs are not therefore banned from the Society’s waters, but we do ask that they are kept under control at all times, do not interfere with other members or our adjoining neighbours and do not leave any mess. A reported incident at Little Rowfant Lakes has seen a member’s dog allowed to roam freely and also encroached upon our neighbours land / chased animals. This is totally unacceptable and endangers the excellent and supportive relationship we have with our neighbouring landowners. If any further such incidents are reported, we will have no option but to impose a ban on all dogs being allowed on our waters.

We have also had a report of the boat, currently at Little Rowfant Lakes being launched by a member on the Road Lake & then moved on to the Third Lake to be used by two children accompanying the member whilst he fished. This is completely unacceptable and dangerous. The newly excavated Third Lake is some 7 feet deep, and allowing young children to play in the boat could have resulted in a disastrous outcome. We have now chained the boat up, with only a small number of keyholders being able to unlock it.

I do not like having to issue such notices, but the above incidents leave me little option as they fall completely outside of the behaviour expected of our members. If any further such or similar incidents are reported and the members are identified the Committee will have no option other than to withdraw membership.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary