Third Lake at Little Rowfant – Open for fishing on 1st June 2022

Your Committee is pleased to advise that the refurbished Third Lake will be open for fishing with effect from the 1st June 2022.

Please note that whilst the Third Lake has received some stocking, further fish are planned to be stocked next winter. As previously advised to Members, the Third Lake will be slightly different to the other lakes at Little Rowfant in that no carp have been or are planned to be stocked in this lake. It will primarily be a ‘silvers’ fishery, with bream, crucians, tench along with roach, rudd, perch & gudgeon. Your Committee will gauge over the coming months how the lake is fishing & the stocking made to date thrives before considering further stockings. Members are politely requested to temper their tackle, i.e. hooks & line strength to the fish stock in this lake – we do not currently have any fish in excess of 2lbs in weight within the lake.

All members are please requested to keep to the paths & swims – we are trying to get the grass & plants to establish. No access is permitted across the dam between the Third Lake and Road Lake. Members will also note the protective netting of the iris plants in the margins which surround the lake. Please do not fish tight to the netting, & do not move the netting which is to provide some degree of protection for the marginal plants whilst they establish themselves.

For the time being, no keepnets are allowed and no matches will be scheduled for the Third Lake.

Additionally, the Stock Pond is open for fishing by Members with immediate effect. Some test fishing of this pond suggests a good head of carp, bream & tench is present, along with roach, perch, gudgeon & rudd. Again, your Committee request that all Members keep to the paths & swims when walking up to the Stock Pond, and please do not walk around this pond – keep to the 5 swims along the front bank.

Paul Whitfield
General Secretary