Fire at Rowfant Business Park, Wallage Lane, Rowfant

Members may be aware of the serious fire incident which was reported during the early hours of Monday 26th June at Rowfant Business Park, opposite Little Rowfant Lakes. Having visited the site, I am pleased to report that Little Rowfant Lakes appear to have not been affected by the fire, neither the fuel which burnt or the water / foam used by the Fire Service to extinguish the blaze. In doing so, the Fire Service drew water from the Road Lake to supplement its supplies, which has resulted in the water level reduced by 6 inches – the rains of today & forecast will hopefully soon replenish the level in the lake to normal. The EA who were in attendance throughout the incident have checked our lakes & advised that the saturated oxygen level remains high, so we do not envisage any ill effects from the emergency water extraction. The Fire Service had to cut the padlock chain to the gate to access the Road lake which will be repaired shortly.
The Committee have decided not to close Little Rowfant Lakes, but we would request that if any Members notice any fish deaths / in distress, please contact a Society official immediately. The Committee will be monitoring the lakes on a regular basis, but with clearing up of the fire incident area still in course we would ask all Members to remain aware of the potential threat, & especially if heavy rains see a flood of water which could be contaminated flow down from Rowfant Business Park.