Rowfant Mill Update

27th October – Update

We’ve been lucky so far and all looks good on Rowfant Mill. A couple of updates/ reminders though:

  • We have decided to allow matches on there from December. The next two fixtures will be 7th December and 15th February
  • Please remember to dip all nets, etc on all Rowfant lakes, this is extremely important to help stop the spread of KHV

Confirmed KHV Outbreak at Woodpeckers Fishery

The Woodpeckers day ticket fishery has had a confirmed outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). Due to its close proximity to Rowfant Mill we have been requested by CEFAS to take some precautionary control measures to help prevent the further spreading of this disease. To be clear, Rowfant Mill has not had an outbreak of KHV but we must be sensible and do what we can to protect our stock. For this reason the following changes will come into force with immediate effect:

  • There will be no more matches on Rowfant Mill this season
  • All keep nets are banned from Rowfant Mill

Disinfectant dip tanks will also be provided in the car parks at Rowfant Mill and the Little Rowfant complex. Anglers that wish to fish must dip any equipment that has or will come into contact with lake water and fish. This must be done on arrival, and on departure:

  • Landing Nets
  • Keep nets
  • Unhooking mats
  • Weigh slings
  • Mixing Bowls

On top of this it is strongly recommended that you make sure all equipment is thoroughly dried out between visits to ours, and other lakes. This is the number one way to prevent KHV spreading.

Signs will be placed up around Rowfant Mill advising that it is within the Woodpeckers KHV danger zone, and over the next couple of years we will be closely monitored by CEFAS. So far, there are no signs of the disease having spread to our waters – lets do our best to keep it that way.